How its going

Okay, soooo its been like 8 months since I realised the book. I’ve only made one sale (my mum). But hey, even though its a less-than-ideal result, its not the end of the world. It still got the ball rolling, and has allowed me to see the results of some experiments. I’ve had a chance to advertise through certain source. Reviewers have reached out, promising a spotlight on their websites. I’ve gotten emails from advertising companies promising to dump adverts all over twitter. I’ve also tried promoting on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve also trialled Kindle Unlimited. Yeah, none of that worked, lol.

So… new plan. The Asteroid Field will act as the first few chapters of Legal Alien. I’ll probably delist it from Amazon, and use it as a reader magnet on the webpage. In the meantime, apparently the best strategy to sell books is to write more books, so I’ve been doing that. Its going ok. My initial predictions were seemingly unrealistic, but its going well. I’ve written about half of it, and am enjoying it. But that brings me to the next issue: marketing the full release.

I’m going to do something fun. I’ve really enjoyed building the world of the book, and a certain self-help book has given me the idea that this could make for a pretty good incentive to build an audience. I really like the idea of posting a blog entry with commissioned art, explaining some technology or alien race. It will give me something I can post on social media, and people can follow the trail back to the website for additional content.

And this will have good synergy with another project I’ve been wanting to get off the ground. It’ll take a very similar form for now, but instead of a star wars-esque fictional story, it’ll be palaeontology themed. I’ll get into more details when it materializes.

In short, I’m going to commission some art, and hopefully start gathering more content here. Which, honestly, gets me pretty excited. Regardless of the book promotion aspect, awesome art of my ideas is just inherently cool. Let’s see if it pans out, I guess.